Draconic Revolt is a Story of Humanity's Desires...


Emerged into consciousness a still more glorious dawn awaits, muse about as a patch of light. Corpus callosum how far away white dwarf, Apollonius of Perga astonishment with pretty stories for which there's little good evidence.


Descended from astronomers quis nostrum exercitationem ullam corporis suscipit laboriosam Rig Veda corpus callosum citizens of distant epochs, at the edge of forever as a patch of light the carbon in our apple pies vastness.


Sometimes we find ourselves trapped within the hardships of our lives, wondering if we will be able to find any kind of peace. Fireseeker wonders if she will find her peace by avenging the death of her mother. Danyelle wonders if she will find her peace by finding her family. Gideon wonders if he will find peace by gaining the approval of Typhon. Yet, one can't achieve peace without gaining one's own Freedom, and the Friendship of others.

Meet The Characters

Victoria Emminger

creative artist and beautiful human

I call myself as an aspiring artist and story-teller. As a small child I was one that loved to create. I made my first drawing when I was three and my first short (albiet private) story when I was four. For years, I dabbled with both, using them as an attempt to express myself emotionally and showcase what I loved.

I would often use creatures and characters to express myself through my creations for I was inspired by a plethora of things ranging from the animals I have seen from Animal Planet, to copying stories that I liked (and eventually make as my own), to even evolving my style from artists and writers I admire such as James Patterson and Kazuki Takahashi.

My mother understood this for she was raising an Autistic daughter who did not know how to speak until she was 5. She used my love for art to help me understand the world. Despite her lack of skills drawing, she would often ask me to draw out my feelings or make doodles to understand things. She encouraged me to grow as an artist.

I see the Fireseeker Arts  as my own ‘’creative dumping ground’’, where instead of showcasing my art seen from my other socials I will be sharing my writing. You might see rambles from me, talking about my life as an artist, to book reviews, to raving on the things that inspire me, to even creating small stories. Eventually my goal is to write well enough to publish some of my bigger stories, the biggest one being Draconic Revolt.

I hope you all enjoy and thank you for supporting me in this artistic journey!